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What is the Difference Between a Sculpture and a Statue?

October 13, 2020

Maybe you have a piece of art and want to know whether it is a statue or a sculpture. The boundary between the statue and the sculpture may be blurred and confused. That's because some characters are both statues and sculptures. So how do you know which one you have?

Continue reading to learn more about the similarities and differences between sculptures and statues. As a Sculptures Figures Supplier, share with you.


Metal Deer Sculpture

Metal Deer Sculpture

By definition, sculpture is created through the engraving process, including engraving, chiseling or hand-made materials, such as stone or clay. Sculpture can be of any size and its subject can be anything, including human or abstract artistic concepts. Some sculptures fall into the art category, such as Andy Warhol's series of sculptures based on commercial products, such as Brillo pads. Some sculptures are also seen as statues, such as the giant Easter Island stone statue. Experts believe that real sculpture is a work of art.

Bronze Deer Statue

Bronze Deer Statue


Statues can be carved, molded, carved or cast. Statues are usually at least life-size, and many are even larger. At both ends of the scale are the "fearless girl'statue (which stares at wall street's famous bull statue for months), four feet tall, while the statue of liberty rises to 305 feet. According to the artist's way of writing, many statues are also regarded as sculptures. If the artist uses the engraving method to make a statue, then it is also qualified as a sculpture. Usually, statues are created in the image of real, religious or literary figures. Although they can be beautiful, statues are usually not considered exquisite works of art.

Regardless of Statue vs. Sculpture, they are all works of art decorating the environment. Our company also has Metal Deer Sculpture for sale, welcome to consult us.

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