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Do you Know the Cultural Connotation of Character Sculpture?

September 17, 20206

As a Figure Sculpture Manufacturer, share with you.


Ancient figure sculpture

Sculptures of figures in different periods reveal the human cosmology and outlook on life at that time, and contain the great enthusiasm of human beings for life; the effect of culture on figure sculptures has not only caused the decline of figure sculptures in China from the Tang to Song dynasties, but also contributed to Western sculptures. Continuous evolution with cultural reforms.

Figure Sculpture

Figure Sculpture


Any country has its own laws of development. Its historical background, economic development, population status, etc. determine its unique cultural atmosphere. The cultural atmosphere of a country determines to some extent the basic condition of its figure sculptures.

The most typical example is the Statue of Liberty in New York, the capital of the United States. She was a gift from France to the United States during the Independence Memorial of the United States. The Statue of Liberty standing in Manhattan is not only a symbol of American independence, but also a symbol of the United States. The torch and code held by the goddess are closely related to American culture and national conditions.

The sculptures of figures standing in various cities are not only built to beautify the environment, but their existence also reflects the spiritual outlook and cultural construction of the city.


Each era has its own history and unique characteristics of the era. It was inseparable from the economic, cultural, religious, military, and people's pursuits at that time. At the same time, in different eras, the evolution and achievements of art are also different. Sculpture art is to show the style and style of different eras with its unique art form. The evolution and richness of sculpture style are also the product of the evolution of the times.

In Copenhagen, Denmark, when the "Mermaid" created based on Andersen's fairy tales was born in 1913, the "Jeffen Fountain" built in 1908 as a city symbol was gradually forgotten, and "Mermaid" gradually replaced " "Jeffen's Fountain" has become a symbol of Copenhagen and even Denmark.


Each country has its own cultural and historical background, and the character sculpture is the content and form of its sculpture, reflecting the characteristics of its country and environment. Like the Statue of Liberty in the United States, whenever we mention the Statue of Liberty, we immediately think of the United States. It is the specific cultural and epochal background of the sculpture—that is, the victory of the American War of Independence, which made the Statue of Liberty a symbol of the United States.

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