Large bronze giraffe statue for sale DZ-68

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Large bronze giraffe statue for sale DZ-68

The bronze giraffe statue color pattern is spotted and reticulated, the head has a broad forehead, a pointed snout, large erect ears, a pair of short bony horns on the top of the head, and the horns are covered with skin and hair; the neck is particularly long (about 2 meters). , with 1 row of manes on the nape of the neck; short body; tall and strong limbs, forelimbs slightly longer than hind limbs, broad hoofs; tail short, those detailed bronze giraffe statue, the size and the color all can custom made depending on real giraffe.


Material: bronze

Height: 4-6m or more smaller

Services: custom made depends on real live giraffe, door to door delivery

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