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D&Z art sculpture main bronze statues include animal sculpture, figure sculpture, large fountain sculpture, bronze bell, famous sculpture from different artist, flower pot for garden,bronze lamp and other bronze statues, here we introduce details for each main bronze statues:

Animal sculptures generally have animal wall sculptures, bronze animal sculptures, large outdoor metal animal sculptures,garden animal sculptures, gaint animal sculptures, playground animal sculptures, differnt place decor or different size animal sculptures, we all can custom made depends on your pictures or drawing.

who is the most famous animal sculptures ?

flying giant outdoor cast bronze garden horse sculpture for sale decor, large outdoor roman antique black bronze lion sculpture for sale, charging bull sculpture, polar bear sculpture, outdoor bronze bald eagle sculpture, tiger sculpture, bronze elephant sculpture, outside life size bronze deer sculpture, wolf sculpture, any kinds of animal sculptures, we all can cast bronze life size or large size with different famous patina.

figure sculpture also made with bronze material, the fnially outline will be differnt human shape

Large fountain sculpture lots times also made with bronze material, lots of europ large fountain made with 4 and 5 bronze statues, finally can watering, decoration for outdoor or square.

Bronze bell also is one kind of bronze statues, generally very usefull for tempe, school or lots of europ church.

finally talk about the bronze lamp, have bronze floor lamp and bronze table lamp, all made with bronze material, just for decor.

Why is bronze used for statues?

metal material have lots kind, such as brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel, alaluminum.. bronze is more valuable in all of those materials, then the bronze material fluidity very perfect, so when we use cast way make statues, bronze material can make each details very perfect and right, also bronze material can make different unique patina, so finally lots foundry or artist choose the bronze material create statues.

D&Z art sculpture is a leader bronze statues foundry, we can design different kinds of custom made products, also can cast speicial art bronze statues, any bronze statues, you can contact us and get the right price.

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