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What are the 5 Reasons Why the World of Bronze Sculpture is Amazing?

May 11, 202118

As an Art Deco Bronze Sculpture Manufacturer, share it with you.

The craftsmanship of bronze art is impressive! Artists use this versatile metal to create sculptures with realistic textures, shapes and details. Throughout history, especially during the Bronze Age, bronze was made into countless objects. Making bronze sculptures is a fascinating example. It continues to this day and is becoming more and more popular in the latest interior home design fashion. Here are 5 interesting things about this amazing trend:

Art Deco Bronze Sculpture

Art Deco Bronze Sculpture

1: The oldest sculpture in the world is bronze

Bronze is the first alloy invented in history! It is a metal made of 80-90% copper and 10-20% tin. It is the most popular sculptural material because it expands when heated and shrinks when cooled, which makes it easier to transfer the impression from the mold. The oldest bronze sculpture is believed to be the "Dancing Girl of Mohenjo Daro", around 2500 BC. Since ancient times, bronze has been made into weapons, statues, monuments, tools, mechanical parts and many other objects.

2: All bronze sculptures are the first among clay sculptures

A bronze sculpture, the journey of being the artist's first sculpture out of mud began. The bronze sculptor is also a potter-it's amazing! At this stage, the artist focuses on creating intricate details, which will eventually be reflected in the bronze casting. Once the first mold is made on top of it, the painter will make a promise. In order to use the solidified mold, the clay sculpture inside must be crushed.

3: Many steps are required to make bronze sculptures

The ability to refine and cast molten bronze into the desired image is astounding. Many steps are required to ensure that the final mold can withstand the extreme temperatures when the liquid bronze solidifies. This can be done through the "lost wax" process. Make wax molds on clay sculptures, and then bake ceramic molds in a kiln. When it solidifies and the wax melts or "disappears," the mold is ready for bronze. No wonder that bronze sculpture is both a science and an art.

4: Bronze sculptures have different colors

Bronze is famous for its classic golden brown luster, but do you know other colors? The copper in the bronze sculpture reacts with oxygen in the air to form a protective outer layer called patina. In the natural environment, patina is light green, just like the Statue of Liberty. Bronze artists add their own artificial patina to the sculpture and create different colors such as blue, red and dark green. Brown is the most common color choice.

5: Not all bronze sculptures are cast into one piece

For more complex works, the artist creates sculptural molds and castings separately. Then, they welded the finished bronze sheet into a sculpture. If the sculptor is lucky, the solder joints are almost invisible to the naked eye. This is a testimony to the skills and achievements of the sculptor.

Check out the exquisite original bronze sculptures collected by the Seaside Art Museum! You don't want to miss this emerging art trend. There are a variety of patinas to choose from, each of which is carefully crafted. Many sculptures also belong to miniature art. All of these guarantee authenticity.

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