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Where to buy and custom made modern abstract metal wall art decor for living room ?

April 08, 2022170

1. What is Metal Wall Art Decor?-Description of metal wall art

Metal wall art is using metal as the main material, through different surface treatment techniques, a kind of artistic handicraft specially used for wall decoration is finally produced. decorative metal art for walls most commonly used metal materials are alloys, copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, corten steel, resinetc., according to the size of the wall, the metal wall decorations can also be customized in different sizes, the styles mainly include modern metal wall art decor, classical European relief wall art decor, marine style metal wall art decor, according to the overall decoration style of your house or hotel, Check metal wall art website to choose different materials , colors and styles for metal art wall decor. According to the complexity of processing and the complexity of surface treatment technology, the price of each customized metal wall decorations is different. Contact D&Z art sculpture to get a specific quotation.

Metal Wall Art Decor

2. Why buy metal wall decor from D&Z art sculpture? -Advantages of D&Z art sculpture

If you want to buy metal wall decor, special decorative metal wall art and don't know how to choose in this market, D&Z art sculpture is your first choice factory, we are a factory directly, special custom-made different designs of metal wall decor and metal wall decorations, each month D&Z art sculpture designer team create new designs more than 300 pieces of metal decorative wall art for your reference, each design of metal wall art decoration can custom made different size depends on your wall size and your whole living room or house room space, in the beginning, our designer can design one whole scheme for your house, contact D&Z art sculpture now get free design scheme.

buy metal wall decor

Then D&Z art sculpture also can custom made lots of different plated modern colors for each metallic wall art decor: Here show lots of colorful plated colors

A. red round shaped metal decoration for wall, plated dark red and round shaped for wall decor

metal decoration for wall

B. Green plated large metal wall decor with ring shape design can decor your living room or hotel room, generally the diameter is 70cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm, but if your wall space is very big, then the size can reach 200cm or more than 200cm, very large size of this metal wall decor, contact D&Z art sculpture, get details price.

	large metal wall decor

C. Gold metal wall decor plated with gold color, large one rock design and a small one, the total set of this gold metal wall decor total have 4 different shape and size pieces, this picture show just two samples for our customer before bulk order, about our metal art decor for walls surface, if you not sure it is perfect or not, firstly we can make one or two samples for your check surface treatment and art effect of each metal art decor.

gold metal wall decor

D. Blue plated shiny mirror finishing modern metal wall decore, this metal wall decore can place outdoor, very can see the size very large, this kind of outdoor metal wall art decor, we have lots designs on our website, check here metal wall art, get your prefer design. 

metal wall decore

E. silver metal wall decor with round-shaped, silver-plated or the original color of the stainless steel, mirror polished surface, the effect is very near, this design with silver color and the details is natural water waves,also can very simple design, without any details, just like a disk modern effect, your house suitable? 

round metal wall decor

silver metal wall decor

F. living room metal wall decor is not very always use this color, also i share this color of purple color of metal decorative wall art, maybe some outdoor pool side ok for decor.

metal decorative wall art

Still, here lots of other plated colors, contact D&Z art sculpture, get full colorful plated catalogue.

3. How to custom make metal wall decor ?-Engineering Solutions Capabilities

Step 1, choose designs of art metal wall decor or your wall, you can choose from our website of metal wall art, Also can take lots of your space wall on site pictures, our designer can do hand sketch drawing to you, or create a 3D mold design for your reference of each metal decoration for wall, meanwhile, you can describe your metal wall decor ideas to our designer team, we can custom made one drawing depends on your mind too, here introduce lots normal hot sale wall metal art decor for your reference.

art metal wall decor

metal leaf wall decor for living room or hotel room, this is a new design of metal wall decor with lots of different size and shape leaves, if your room design is natural modern style effect, this design is the best choice, also share another blue large size leaf metal wall decor for living room or main room decor, 

metal leaf wall decor

leaf metal wall decor

large metal leaf wall decor with abstract designs and with large size, can decorate outdoor.

large metal leaf wall decor

gold leaf metal wall decor

Metal flower wall decor, all those flowers is round shape with abstract details, modern design, we use laser machine cut and plated the different color, more designs of 

metal flower wall decorations choose from our website page metal wall art

metal flower wall decor

metal flower wall decorations

Metal tree wall decor, generally the tree can be abstract modern tree design, made with stainless steel material and plated, also can be more details tree with lots of leaves and tall.

metal tree wall decor

Step 2. After choosing your preferred wall decor metal art design, our engineer team will depends on the design shape, use different way to making those metal wall art decor, such as laser machine cut, use mold cast metal material, welding directly, or carved by CNC machine.. lots of making metal wall art decorations ways we all very skilled, just those days we finished some decorative metal wall panels, and metal circle wall decor, by laser machine cut each triangle pieces, finally all by hand wedding.

metal circle wall decor

Step 3, surface treatment for metal wall decor, very hot in the market surface treat way is plated different colors, and stainless steel mirror finishing, those two kinds way belong to modern effect surface treatment for modern metal wall decor, also can normal painting, corrosion details on the surface. 

modern metal wall decor

mirrored metal wall decor

More details on process or Engineering Solutions Capabilities depends on your design and material, size different, our engineer team can make details drawing for your reference, contact D&Z art sculpture now.

4. How many Plated colors do you can custom made?- Surface Technology

The plated colors we have full catalog of the colors choose, also this week finished lots samples of plated color for metal abstract wall decor for reference, not only in this image plated color we can custom made, but also have lots of other popular colors also can custom made for your metal wall decors, want to know more about metal art wall decorations, contact D&Z art sculpture now.

metal wall decors

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