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How to custom made a large metal modern bull statue

April 13, 2022285

1.Descriptions of custom made the large metal modern bull statue.

D&Z art sculpture can custom made all different kinds of the metal bull statue,  with different styles of bull statues, such as modern bull statue, abstract bull statue, geometric bull statue, wire bull statue, hollow bull statue, sitting bull statue, running bull statue, standing bull statue, millet bull statue, nandi bull statue, smithtown bull statue,from all of those different bull statue designs we can choose one style for main design element for this bull statue, then we confirm the size of bull statues, the material of bull statues, the surface treatment of bull statues, finally manufacturer depends on mold or pictures directly.

bull statue

2. Material of custom made the large metal modern bull statue.

metal bull statues is very popular on market, special the custom made new market, lots client considering custom made one bull statue, the metal material is first choice, in metal material, we always custom make cast bronze bull statue, cast aluminum bull statue, iron bull statue, stainless steel bull statue, corten bull statue.. copper plate bull statue, brass bull statue, all those statue bull can custom made with different material, different material the cost of the bull statue different, choose right material for your custom made metal modern bull statues.

This is new modern design of brass bull statue, just this week finished and the body of the bull hollow and lost some parts, the whole design is modern effect, use cast brass way made this bull statue, length 2m, we have stock, this bull statue for sale, finally can make different patina if you would like, contact D&Z art sculpture get best price for this bass bull statue now.

brass bull statue

This is a sitting bull statue made with stainless steel mirror finished, we call this bull is stainless steel bull statue, shiny and also modern effect.

sitting bull statue

this two material is very popular material custom-made one large metal modern bull statues, as for strong enough can hold the changing of the outdoor ambient temperature,  raining or hot sun all will be ok, not rusty and change color and shape to custom made bull statues.

3. Size of custom made the large metal modern bull statue

Always made large bull statue, here we show one large bull statue with geometry feature and painting black color, fighting effect, and also modern feeling for market or can decor in front of the hotel, this large bull statue for sale this week, get the best directly price here from D&Z art sculpture.

large bull statue

Depends on your space size for place bull statues, we also can custom made life size bull statue, here is one famous Chicago bull statue finished with cast brass material, not very large, waiting for make patina, have mold, can cast one piece this life size Chicago bull statue for you directly in one week.

life size bull statue

Also can custom made small size bull statues decor table or indoor decor, the MOQ generally 50 pieces.

4. surface treatment of large metal modern bull statue

With different material of the bull statues, the bull statue surface treatment also not same, you can choose from here lots different styles, firstly golden bull statue, the color can be painting gold bull statue, also can be plated gold bull statue, still have polished mirror brass bull statue. 

golden bull statue

This statues of sitting bull made with stainless steel material, mirror finished,with stainless steel original color, modern and abstract effect, no any details on body, but very popular and hot in custom made bull statue market.

statues of sitting bull

Also this large bull statue made with stainless steel brushed finishing, if you place in public, have lots of car though this way and the shiny surface of stainless steel not good for driving car safety, so lots of client choose this kind brushed and matt finishing, also this kind large bull statue with original color of stainless steel.

stainless steel bull statue

Finally this large modern bull statue made with stainless steel material, red painting color, red bull statue, do you like ? more than 10m red bull statue finished and install well in China market.

red bull statue

Also finished this famous bull statue-stock market bull statue,length 146cm, made with brass material, and patina effect. 

stock market bull statue


We have full surface treatment catalog from different material bull statue, contact D&Z art sculpture get full color catalog.

5. Finally of all this process, choose the bull statue design from D&Z art sculpture catalog, or our artist design different designs of large bull statues for each client, choose right material and confirm suitable size of the bull statue project, then we can custom made this metal modern bull statue project directly, each our stock bull statue for sale.

bull statue for sale

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