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What are the characteristics of marble fountain sculptures?

January 04, 202211

The stone fountain sculpture is a pot-like or pot-like stone sculpture made of natural stone. Generally speaking, there are carved textures and additional ornaments on the periphery, and then combined into a relatively large water container, and part of it. The stone fountain sculpture uses water pressure to spray or flow water from the upper end of the stone fountain sculpture to form a special stone sculpture product.

What are the characteristics of marble fountain sculptures

First, fine workmanship

The biggest feature of European-style fountains is the fine workmanship, the carving techniques used are very unique, and the various details of the carving can be seen. The sculpture on the European-style fountain not only beautifies the city, but can also be appreciated as a work of art. These sculptures are made by hand, so it can make many unique shapes.

Second, high aesthetics and artistry

Compared with other types of fountains, the aesthetics and artistry are greatly improved. In addition to these, the sculpture stone used in European fountains is also very much. For example, various natural marbles, such as white marble, granite, sandstone, etc. Different stones also reflect the characteristics of different sculptures, and the combination of stone and sculpture shapes increases the aesthetic performance.

Third, create a different character image

In addition to the selection of more types of sculpture stone, custom-made European fountains will create different characters according to the characteristics of the environment and surrounding buildings. Therefore, when combined with the environment, people have a deeper experience of the enjoyment of beauty.

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