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The relationship between sculpture and architecture

November 17, 2021181

Sculpture art, especially modern abstract sculpture art, has a profound and deep-rooted influence on the language of modern architecture. Sculpture gives the soul of architecture, making buildings more like sculptures, monuments, and buildings with more visual impact. Some buildings even directly pursue the language of sculpture. Architecture and the environment are more inseparable from the set-off of sculpture works. Sculpture works of art play a finishing touch in architecture. Sculpture makes architecture more environmentally tolerant and public. The sculpture has given the language of architectural beauty and the noble soul, and architecture has given the reason for the survival of sculpture. From an artistic perspective, sculpture and painting have the same origin. Although the early sculptures were not purely artistic creations of the creators, the early sculptures followed a certain function and were mostly related to sacrificial activities. However, when sculpture gradually develops into pure art and is on the right track of the art path, sculpture creation, like painting, dominates the field of human ideology, and plays an important leading role. This is mainly reflected in the formal language of sculpture art. The guiding role of sculpture and painting on the trend of human consciousness is universally recognized, especially when the art of sculpture developed to the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, the art of sculpture has gradually affected other areas of human society, and this influence is first reflected in architectural works. 

The relationship between sculpture and architecture

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