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Do you Know About Art Media and Technology?

January 07, 2021

As a Modern Sculpture Manufacturer, share it with you.

The technologies and materials used for human self-expression are wide and varied. Although many different materials and operations are classified as "art" at one time or at a time, certain techniques are most often associated with art. The main ones are painting and sculpture. In these technologies, there are many commonly used materials.

Outdoor Western Sculpture

Outdoor Western Sculpture


The discipline of painting usually uses two factors: ground and paint. The ground is the surface that supports the paint and can be made of stone, wood, paper or cardboard, but most commonly it is made of canvas. Paint includes oil, watercolor, gelling agent (egg-based paint) and waxy (wax mixed with color). In some paintings, these techniques are used together. For example, a mixture of oil and wax is often found in the same work. Different types of paint for different reasons are often preferred. Because of its absorbency, watercolors are more often done on paper, while oil paintings are more often done on canvas because of their strength and support for larger works without sagging or tearing.


Sculpture is an artwork that exists in three dimensions and can be made of almost any material. Materials commonly used in traditional sculptures include marble, plaster, clay, steel, bronze, talc and wood. Some sculptures are carved out to reveal the work, just like those made of stone and wood. Others are poured into molds and hardened, like bronze. Others are composed of separate parts, such as welded steel sculptures. Three-dimensional works usually contain objects outside of the art discipline. In some works, the boundary between "art" and "real world" may become blurred, as in the case of art furniture, which is both expressed as artistic expression. , Also exists. As practical furniture.

Mixed media

There are really no rules for mixed media work. Although it can be combined with traditional materials such as paint, wood or marble, mixed media art can also be made from electrical components, grass, a pile of old books, broken bricks or garbage. In addition, mixed media works may blur the boundaries between paintings or sculptures by constructing paintings until it is not clear whether they are paintings or sculptures, or incorporating paintings into works that start with three-dimensional works.

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