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How to Choose Bronze Sculpture for Your House?

January 26, 20214

As a Metal Deer Sculpture Manufacturer, share with you.

When looking for a bronze sculpture for a house, there are two main factors to consider. The first is the style of the sculpture, and the second is the quality of the material.

The style of bronze sculpture is obviously completely subjective - we can't assume you tell us what looks good and what doesn't.

Bronze Sculpture

Bronze Sculpture

Whether you prefer bronze sculptures in the classic art style of medieval Europe, ancient Asian art styles such as Chinese or Persian, or fans of the Art Deco style of the 19th and late 20th centuries, this is your choice. As long as the sculpture fits into the interior design of the environment, it can be very effective.

However, the objective consideration here is the quality of the bronze. If you are buying a bronze sculpture, you should expect it to be of high quality and will come across two different types of bronze - bonded bronze and fused bronze.

Molten bronze is used in the lost wax casting method and is usually of very high quality.

Bonded bronze, also known as -bronze resin or cold-cast bronze -- is actually made of polyester, epoxy, bronze powder and resin. Sometimes bronze powder was mixed in, and sometimes it was painted on the finished sculpture. Either way, if you're looking for quality, it's best to avoid using such "bronze" sculptures.

If you are looking for bronze sculpture as a form of investment, then also consider where you can find the greatest value. Usually, many bronze sculptures are reproductions, and if you only want to decorate a bronze structure for your home, that's fine. However, for investment purposes, you should look for original bronze sculptures of value.

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