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what is a relief sculpture?

September 30, 202116

what is a relief sculpture? Relief sculpture is a kind of sculpture. Attached to a flat material to sculpt a raised semi-dimensional image. Next is the Representation method of relief:

what is a relief sculpture?

1. Relief compression assumes three axes for a solid space; X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis, where X-axis is the vertical axis, Y-axis is the horizontal axis, and Z-axis is the depth axis. When making relief, keep the X-axis and Y-axis The axis does not change, but compress the Z-axis and compress all the above on a plane. How to keep the X, Y, and axis unchanged, first carefully prepare the manuscript, and then move it further away from you Apply one layer of soil on one point, and then apply three layers of soil on the closer spots. This is also true if you are doing almost round relief, but don’t forget to reduce the Z-axis ratio at any time.

2. The use of illusion method is often used in multi-level, more complex compositions, often using high, medium, and low relief at the same time. It is more common that the foreground figures use the embossed method. As the scenery goes on, more and more Flat, until the background only needs to be drawn up a little. Here, the defining sign of the expression method needs to be clear.

A. High relief may come from the feeling behind the object.

B. The middle relief should be compressed to one-half of the Z-axis.

C. The bas-relief may generally be compressed to one-tenth. The difference in thickness is to use the human visual illusion to push the object behind to the front when necessary, even on a flat surface.

3. The starting position of the outer contour refers to the position of the front and back contour and the vertical height of the background at the junction of the outer contour and the background. Look sideways and observe how the artist handles small changes, and how to make the distant eye just stick out from under the eyebrow pencil. This starting technique is very important in embossing. It can combine the subject with The background is separated, so that the relief has a three-dimensional effect and shows multiple levels.

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