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What are the 3 types of relief sculpture?

August 12, 2020536

Relief is a kind of sculptural art work. Among them, the form of picture expression in relief is divided into two categories: one is carved into a horizontal plane; the second is more classic. It takes a lot of work on the sculpture and the plane is moved. Except for the image engraved on its surface, it has not completely departed from the plane. Therefore, it is not a completely independent plane but a relatively independent plane. It is easy to understand. It is usually based on a background to show the uneven "plane" on the picture, which rises from the main elements of the structure

so we have talked so much, then the question is comingWhat are the 3 types of relief sculpture?

What are the 3 types of relief sculpture?cid=3

There are three basic types of relief:

(1) Low-relief is a sculpture that only slightly protrudes from the background surface; low-relief has less projection from the background plane than high-relief. Therefore, low relief can also be called bas relief.

(2) Alto-relief (alto-relief), that is, the sculpture projects at least half or more of its natural perimeter onto the background plane. Some of the sculptures are presented in three dimensions. It is also possible that some of the sculptures are completely suspended. Sculptural.

(3) Concave relief (sunkeno-relief), the sculpture is placed below the level of the surrounding surface and is included in the sharp engraved contour line, which outlines the contour line with a strong shadow contour. The image is carved on the surface material and the relief has a significant history in both Eastern and Western cultures. The surrounding surface remains the same without protrusions. We can start from more than 20,000 years ago. They often appear on the walls of monumental buildings. There are major discoveries in ancient Egyptian art. Even a few relief panels or some of the sparse reliefs can represent a series of scenes, showing us the magic of art history.

The development of relief sculpture fluctuated between painting and sculpture. To put it simply, it has only one point of view, just like a painting. Therefore, the relief figures and background are all carved with the same material. Of course, there are some exceptions in Greek art and Chinese and Japanese decorative works, and some will be carved with other special materials. If the relief is a painting, in Greek art, the relief is more like a contracted sculpture, not like a general relief. It is more like a refined and condensed picture. Some entities are more expanded objects, which are flattened by the background. Limited. Regarding the material of the relief, it depends on the type of relief.

Any sculptural medium or technique can be used for bas-relief. Stone carving and metal casting are two widely used forms. In larger reliefs, marble and bronze materials are often used to show the reliefs.

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