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What are the Maintenance Methods for Urban Bronze Sculptures?

July 25, 20208

The cast-bronze sculptures in the city are always in the sun and wind, so we must pay attention to maintenance, especially the figure sculptures, which are very popular in shape, complicated in work, and easy to oxidize after a long time. Bronze sculptures are very common in our daily lives, especially in Tongling, which is famous for copper. You can see a bronze sculpture everywhere in squares and parks.  Bronze sculptures are also an important part of culture and art. The cast bronze sculptures have absorbed richer artistic elements. Through the continuous innovation of art, the theme and art form of expression have undergone great changes. Now it has become the cultural life of the people’s spirit and an important cultural carrier carrying the spirit of the times. And cultural symbols. Therefore, we must pay attention to maintenance in daily life. The following Figure Sculpture Manufacturer will introduce you to the maintenance methods.

Western Art Sculptures

Western Art Sculptures

1. Environment

The environment is an important factor in maintaining urban bronze sculptures. The environment in which urban bronze sculptures are located must be kept dry and free of dust and air pollutants! The temperature of the greenhouse in which it is located is well controlled at 18℃-24℃ and the humidity is 40℃. %-50%.

2. Defense

When we maintain cast bronze sculptures, we must learn to defend against some harmful chemicals from the outside, such as acids, chlorides, etc.! Also, when moving the cast bronze sculptures, the porter must wear cotton in his hands rather than gloves. The reason why everyone is not allowed to touch the sculpture directly is to prevent the sweat on the hands from corroding it.

3. Clean

When cleaning the cast bronze sculptures, you must not be careful. Be sure to use a clean and soft cloth to wipe away the dust. For some grooves in the sculptures that are not easy to wipe with a cloth, use a brush or vacuum cleaner to blow away dust.

4. Polishing

For cast bronze sculptures that have been placed for a long time and appear dull, do not wipe them vigorously with a cloth when rubbing them, but use a fine cotton cloth to lightly rub the sculptures to achieve the polishing effect. You can also make cast copper The protective wax layer on the surface of the sculpture is blooming again. It would be better if you add some special polishing materials, but the materials need to be purchased before they can return their unique colors. Our company also sells Western Art Sculptures, welcome to contact us.

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