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How to Maintain the Bronze Sculpture?

June 11, 202016

As a Life Size Gorilla Manufacturer, share with you. Sculpture, which has played an increasingly important role in people's lives over the years, has become an art, and the aesthetic of sculpture is also an art. However, the value of sculpture is also here, that is, the aesthetics of sculpture. The characteristics of Freestanding Sculpture are the opposite of pureness and richness. Modern urban sculptures are like the eyes of the city, which can best reflect the city's style and charm. As a space art, urban sculptures exist despite the existence of the environment, but the city actively enriches the environment and enhances people's subjective awareness of the environment.

How to Maintain the Bronze Sculpture?cid=3

Bronze Gorilla Sculpture

Like other bronze sculptures, urban sculpture has gone through a bleak and tortuous process. It has gone through a hundred years of history. Where should urban sculpture go in the 21st century? This is a problem we have to face. The common thing between urban sculptures and garden sculptures is that they can’t just stay in the old concepts of the last century, they can’t stay in the relationship between the proportions, volume, space, colors, materials, etc. of urban sculptures and buildings, but they must further explore. The role of urban sculptures in modern cities in the natural and human environment, especially the relationship between man and nature, psychology, history, culture, and spirit. The art of sculpture plays an important role in people's lives, so that people understand how to enjoy, how to enjoy, sculpture itself is the highlight of human spirit, the medium of the inner spiritual world, the combination of architecture and sculpture is not a simple piece The result is that they complement each other in a jointly composed environment.

The longevity of copper sculpture and its environmental factors are very important. Putting copper sculpture in a relatively stable and suitable environment can prevent or delay its natural damage process. The temperature and humidity of the air are the most basic environmental factors for collecting copper sculptures, of which humidity plays a greater role.

If the copper carving is cracked or damaged, it needs to be repaired, and the derusting work can be carried out before the repair. Then we need to make a careful observation of the copper carvings to understand the corresponding situation of each part.

Wash your hands when viewing and wear gloves to prevent sweat from remaining on the utensils. When handling the copper sculpture, be sure to handle it gently, and use your hands to hold the entire utensil. Do not lift the ears, rings, beams, handles, etc. to avoid these nearby parts being fragile due to corrosion and man-made damage.

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