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How to Choose a Bronze Sculpture?

December 23, 20204

As a Sculpture Bronzes Supplier, share it with you.

Whether you are at home or in the office, bronze sculptures are an excellent way to decorate interior spaces. If carefully selected, they can add sophistication and style, and can enhance any space.

Bronze is an excellent material for sculptures and figurines, and has always been a popular metal. If properly maintained, bronze sculptures can be used for a long time and can even be considered a good investment.

Historically speaking, bronze is the most popular material in cast metal sculptures. Since the discovery of metal and its use in tools and sharp weapons, bronze has been used in sculptures and other works of art. Some of the most famous bronze statues, such as Dancing Girl by Mohenjodaro, date back to 2500 BC. The ancient Egyptians also liked to create small lost wax bronze statues and sculptures, as did the Greeks and many Asian and South American civilizations.

Custom Bronze Statues

Custom Bronze Statues

How to choose a bronze sculpture for your house?

When looking for a bronze sculpture for a house, there are two main factors to consider. The first is the style of the sculpture, and the second is the quality of the material.

The style of bronze sculpture is obviously completely subjective-we can't assume that you tell us what looks good and what is not good.

Whether you like classic European medieval art styles in bronze sculptures, ancient Asian art styles such as China or Persia, or you are late for the 19th and 20th century art deco styles, this is your choice. As long as the sculpture fits the interior design of the environment, it will be very effective.

Art Deco bronze sculpture with green patina. However, the objective consideration here is the quality of the bronze. If you are buying a bronze sculpture, you should expect it to be of high quality, and you will encounter two different types of bronze-bonded bronze and molten bronze.

The molten bronze is used in the lost wax casting method and is usually of high quality.

Bonded bronze, also called-bronze resin or cold cast bronze-is actually made of polyester, epoxy, bronze powder and resin. Sometimes bronze powder is mixed into it, and sometimes it is painted on the finished sculpture. Either way, if you are after quality, it is best to avoid such "bronze" sculptures.

If you are looking for bronze sculpture as a form of investment, then you must also consider where you can find the most value. Usually, many bronze sculptures are replicas, if you just want to decorate bronze structures in your home, that's great. However, for investment purposes, you should look for original bronze sculptures of value.

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