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Features and advantages of mirror stainless steel sculpture

September 17, 20217

Stainless steel is the abbreviation for stainless and acid-resistant steel. The main advantages of stainless steel sculpture are atmospheric corrosion resistance, good formability, good compatibility, and good strength and toughness. It is widely used in industries such as industry, construction, daily necessities, and decoration. Its characteristics are close to the bright mirror surface, strong touch, in line with the aesthetic environment of the times, and stainless steel sculpture is used as a new material for sculpture creation. Stainless steel materials have different labels in China according to their oxidation resistance. They are generally suitable for sculpture creation models 304 and 316, and stainless steel sculpture materials are distinguished. Stainless steel materials are generally plates, with various thickness specifications and models. The main forms of sheet sculpture processing are forging technology and welding, forging the surface, welding the corresponding shape of the surface, and then polishing to complete the mirror stainless steel sculpture. Another process is stainless steel casting. The stainless steel casting process is similar to the copper casting process. After casting, polishing can also produce mirror-finished stainless steel sculptures.

Features and advantages of mirror stainless steel sculpture

  1. The surface effect of stainless steel can be made into matte effect and mirror stainless steel sculpture effect through different polishing degrees. If it needs to be colored, it cannot be ironed into many colors like copper, but modern technology can be electroplated into various color effects. Secondly, painting can produce painting surface effects. When most stainless steel sculpture manufacturers use stainless steel for their creations, they will use the mirror effect of stainless steel to polishing the finished stainless steel body so that it can reflect the surrounding environment and integrate the sculpture into the environment.

  2. The shape, light and shadow of mirrors and stainless steel sculptures

    From the perspective of physical classification, the form of sculpture can be divided into concrete realist sculpture and abstract sculpture.

    Due to the mapping of the "surrounding" environment, the mirror surface of the stainless steel material reduces the volume and contour clarity of the sculpture. Therefore, when sculptors use mirror stainless steel materials for their creations, most of them are abstract shapes. When the light is projected on the mirror stainless steel, it will not produce significant dark, gray, bright light and shadow effects, so that the work has a sense of weightless light. When the "surrounding" environment is reflected on the distorted mirror sculpture, it will also produce a distorted image of the object, which in turn strengthens the abstraction of the sculpture.

    3. The formal language of mirror stainless steel sculpture

    A sculptor creates a sculpture, from the body to the concept has its references, everything is subject to the expression of the theme, and all elements are created under the control of the sculptor. In the contemporary context, the traditional aesthetic standards of modeling have been broken, the object or behavior given to the concept has the right to speak, and the artistic significance of the work has been expanded. In other words, when an artist creates a work of art, the work itself will also produce uncontrolled display effects and narratives.


    4. Conclusion

    As a sculpture of visual culture and art, the development of technology and materials has provided unlimited possibilities for our contemporary Chinese art appeals. Under the influence of concepts, the aesthetic judgment of visual design art has also been continuously developed to break the traditional barriers of our country to find a breakthrough. Those materials and techniques that can well integrate the spiritual needs of the data age are also widely used in artistic creation. The combination of humans, new materials and new technology makes the work jump out of its own inherent definition, enhance its own value and upgrade, and also promote the progress of sculpture art.

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