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Custom made hand carved outdoor stone lion statues for driveway and front porch

February 07, 2022258

Lion statue are common in traditional culture to ward off evil spirits. stone lion statue have artistic value and ornamental value. There are usually a pair of stone lion statues or bronze lion statues outside the gate, which are generally used to ward off evil spirits or decorate for the house. The stone lion statue actually symbolizes a kind of auspiciousness. You can place it anywhere, except that it should not be facing the bedroom. If it is facing the bedroom, this way will have a certain adverse effect. In addition, when buying pair of stone lions, you must pay attention to buying a majestic lion statue, otherwise, it will not be easy to quell the evil.

stone lion statue

The Guardian lion statue has become the patron saint of the house in Chinese civilization and even the world civilization. Chinese unicorn statues, four different mythical beasts and guardian lion statues all appeared in front of the gates of feudal powers and became the patron saints of luxury houses in the spiritual realm, and this cultural phenomenon also appeared in both eastern and western house cultures. To this day, the guardian lion statue at the door is still a noble and inviolable mark.

Guardian lion statue

How are the stone black lion statue placed? According to some feng shui, large marble lion statues are generally placed. For example, marble lion statues are placed in some places to suppress evil spirits, and large lion statues are placed in some places to attract wealth, such as in front of shopping malls or large hotels, similar to the role of lucky cats. So what does a lion have to be like? There are certain requirements for choosing a lion statue. For example, the black lion statue must be a very imposing and imposing lion statue. The stone for carving the lion must be of high quality. Generally, it is carved with some natural stones such as granite and white marble, The size of the stone lion statues is processed according to the size of the Luban ruler. There must also be certain requirements for placing stone lions. You must choose an auspicious day, and you must also open the light, so as to play a role in making money.

black lion statue

The art of chinese lion statue has been further involved in the secular style, and it has reached a level of popularity in worldly applications. The carvings of Chinese lion dog statue have gradually appeared in various folk villages and ordinary families. The people regard it as a kind of divine beast that blesses auspiciousness and safety, and it has become the ideal incarnation of people. Refined and grand, though. However, it further shows the prosperity of the nation's self-reliance and vitality. It reflects the development and prosperity of stone lion art. In the long river of history, it has formed its unique style and style, and then further secularized, gradually becoming a mascot with the traditional Chinese lion dragon statue and phoenix statues. There are also carved Chinese lion garden statues on the stone piers of many folk houses, and some are set on the top of the gate pillars to townhouses. Most of the stone lions in the towns and villages of these townhouses are guarded by ferocious Chinese lion statue with balls, so later the carved images of chinese lion statues outdoor are very ferocious and ferocious, expelling demons and seeking peace and harmony

chinese lion statue

Hand carved marble lions can not only be placed on both sides of the gate, but also can be carved into horse-hitching stakes, which describe the characteristics of the stone lion statues; The ears are drooping, the face is short and broad, the thick eyebrows are abrupt, the giant copper bell eyes squinting at the right front as if trying to swirl the whole body, the nose is wide, the sea mouth, with a long sash, the front legs are standing, the half squatting back, the head is slightly turned to the right, Ferocious. These two stone lion statues grab people with their might, but they are not angry. lion king statue, a special product of feudal society, and the lion statue is called the king of beasts, which is how people describe it. But it has a deterrent effect, making us feel the majesty of life.

Hand carved marble lions

There are usually outdoor lion statue pair or bronze lion statues outside the gate of the palace. According to the architectural orientation, the pairs of stone lions in front of the gate of the ancient palace are generally male and female (the stone lions are placed at both gates with people coming out of the gate). direction as a reference), in line with the traditional Chinese yin and yang philosophy of male left and female right. The male lions statues on the left side of the door are generally carved with the right front paw to play with the hydrangea or put a hydrangea between the two front paws (some are carved with open mouths); the outdoor lion statue on the right side of the door is carved with the left front paw to caress the cubs or two. A lion cub statue (also carved with a closed mouth) lies between the front paws. You can also tell from the things under the lion's paw: if the ball is under the claws, it symbolizes the unification of the universe and supreme power, it must be a male lion statue.

outdoor lion statue pair

The outdoor lion statue becomes an incarnation of bravery, power and auspiciousness. Performing arts and plastic arts are often inextricably linked. The lion image in the lion dance is created by folk artists according to their own aesthetic ideals. It is lively, naughty and cute, and completely loses the prestige of "the king of beasts". In folk art, the lion also harmonizes the sounds of "Tai Shi" and "Young Shi", which means promotion. Outdoor Lion statues are not like dragons and phoenixes. As a royal patent, they only appear in the shape of court art. The art of lion statues modeling is all over the homes of ordinary people. 

So how to pay attention to the lion statues for driveway? First of all, the lion statues for the driveway should not be too high, and the maximum height should not exceed 1.8 meters. If the lion statue is 1.8 meters high, it can only be placed in a place with high traffic such as factories or the government.

lion statues for driveway

 What does the stone lions for front of house? First of all, in ancient times, he was a symbol of imperial power, and stone lions were always placed in the palace. Secondly, putting him on will also show a dignified atmosphere. Use it again to ward off evil spirits, in fact, lions were used to keep spirits before, so they were also called auspicious beasts. In the end, the lion can take the place of the owner and prevent disasters. Of course, this is just a superstition.

stone lions for front of house

Our Chinese stone lion statue is a sculpture art imagined and adapted on the basis of these exotic beasts. It is still a little different from the real lion in nature. In the Tang Dynasty, most of the stone lions statues were squatting or walking. The male and female were symmetrical, with hair on the head, neat and meticulous, full body, strong limbs, broad chest, wide and deep mouth, round eyes, dynamic very active. Large and full, majestic, powerful and vivid in shape, it profoundly reflects the prosperous and prosperous social status quo, and forms the model of stone lion statues in national culture. In fact, the most distinctive features of stone lion status in Tang Dynasty The integration of the overall charm does not simply pursue the appearance of the appearance of carving. stone lion dogs were not only used as guards against evil spirits, but also showed the royal authority at that time. But in order to achieve this effect, the sculptor exaggerated and strengthened the key parts of the stone lion dogs appropriately, such as eye-popping, huge mouth, etc., to enhance his momentum and fully express its spiritual temperament. Created a generation of mighty and majestic artistic images with extraordinary carving techniques.

Chinese stone lion statue

There are many kinds of stones for stone lions in front of house, and the white marble lion statues is the most classic. White marble is a kind of marble, but compared with other types of marble, white marble is whiter in color, softer, and contains sparkling crystals, giving people a spotless and solemn beauty. The white marble lion is exquisite in workmanship and beautiful in shape and is a fine product among stone carvings. The stone-carved lion is a product carefully carved by cultural heritage over the past hundred years.

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