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Common Eastern and Western festival sculptures

December 29, 202341

The East and the West have unique and rich cultural traditions, so they reflect very different styles and themes in festival sculptures. Here are some common Eastern and Western holiday sculptures:

Common Eastern and Western festival sculptures

Oriental festival sculpture

Spring Festival (Chinese New Year):

Dragon and lion sculptures: Representing auspiciousness and warding off evil spirits, they often play an important role in celebrations.

Spring Couplet Sculpture: Couplets with auspicious meanings are often presented in the form of sculptures to welcome the arrival of the New Year.

Mid-Autumn Festival:

Rabbit and Mooncake Sculpture: Related to the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival culture of rabbits and moon appreciation, emphasizing family reunion and gratitude.

Chang'e and Jade Rabbit Sculpture: It depicts the fairy Chang'e and her jade rabbit companion in the Mid-Autumn Festival legend, which means a beautiful mythical story.

Common Eastern and Western festival sculptures

Western festival sculpture


Santa Claus and Reindeer Sculptures: A tradition that emphasizes kindness and gifts, often displayed in shopping malls, public spaces, and courtyards.

Christmas tree sculptures: often presented as metal or other material sculptures, representing the joy and warmth of the Christmas season.


Easter Bunny Sculpture: Represents new life and hope, and usually appears together with Easter eggs to convey the joy of spring.

Flower and Butterfly Sculptures: Emphasize the symbols of resurrection and spring, expressing the glow and rebirth of life.

Thanksgiving Day:

Turkey and Harvest Sculpture: Associated with the Thanksgiving meal, which emphasizes sharing and gratitude for the harvest.

Family Reunion Sculpture: Emphasizes gratitude, friendship, and the warmth of family.

While conveying the festive atmosphere, these sculptures also reflect each culture's unique understanding and emphasis on specific festivals. Whether in the East or the West, these festival sculptures are an important medium for people to express their celebrations, blessings, and traditional values.

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